About Us

Christina Bishop’s passion for hair began at a very young age. As a child, she would sit in her neighborhood salon and watch stylists for hours as they made their clients beautiful. She would then go home and practice the same techniques she had observed on her dolls and her little sister. While in high school she went from practicing on dolls and family members to getting paid for her work. By the time she finished high school she had a full clientele.

After high school she went to New York City to study forensic science at Pace University, but the beauty industry was still calling her. At the age of 22, after countless attempts to ignore her calling, Chris decided to take a leap of faith and follow her passion.

She returned to Buffalo and in 2007 and attended the Salon Professional Academy part-time all while studying at Buffalo State College full-time. In 2009 Chris not only graduated from the academy she also obtained a bachelor’s degree in Human Relations with a focus in Business Management. Upon graduation Chris worked at Excellence Hair Design, Buffalo, under Master Stylist Latisha Brice. There she put all of her training to the test and again built a full clientele. Her objective however began to shift towards entrepreneurship.

In 2012 Chris launched a successful virgin hair extension company calling it High Klass Hair and in 2013 she opened her first salon, High Klass Hair Boutique Salon, which focused on healthy hair care, in Buffalo’s Elmwood Village. It was a success and her clientele quickly outgrew the space. In 2014 Christina decided it was time to take her business to the next level. She needed a bigger space and wanted something fresh in the city that she calls home, while on vacation she discovered it would be a Weave Bar.

In July of 2015, Christina opened her second salon calling it High Klass Hair Weave Bar located in Buffalo’s Allentown district. Christina added to her original concept of healthy hair and incorporated a $50 sew-in concept because she began to recognize that clients were leaving weaves in for unhealthy amounts of time simply because they wanted to get their “money’s worth.” At HKH Weave Bar clients are offered sew-ins at a less expensive rate while all other services are a la cart. The idea is that clients would not leave weaves in for long periods of time so they could get their hair treated more frequently which allows them to properly wear weave.

Christina’s mission is to provide a full service salon that is affordable for all women and children. Chris takes pride in her motto “I love healthy hair,” she also takes pride in encouraging, mentoring, and teaching young ladies how to live a lifestyle with “KLASS.” In her spear time, Christina enjoys attending community events and giving back to the community. In August of 2015, Christina was recognized by “Women in The Spotlight Going Global” for all that she has done for both her community and business.

In 2016, Christina continued to thrive as an entrepreneur as she prepared to expand her salon, High Klass Hair Weave Bar. In March, Christina was recognized by Radio Personality Adri’ V and awarded as one of Adri V’s Talented 10 Go Getta Girls. In June, Christina was also recognized by Jamil Crews of the Crew Group and accepted an award as a “30 under 30 Change Maker.” On July 17, 2016 Christina celebrated the expansion launch of High Klass Hair Weave Bar. With a successful expansion, Christina has created five more employment opportunities and has created new services for clients.